Guidelines for Press Accreditation:

- Registration is mandatory. Please follow the guidelines carefully while completing your online registration with relevant information.

-Once you have completed and submitted the online registration form, you will receive an email by mid March from #ASEANLitFest Media Officer; informing you whether or not your accreditation has been successful.

-You will be required to provide an email from the editor/producer of your publication/channel confirming that you have been deputed to cover Festival.

-Please carry your Press Identity Card when you arrive at the Festival to collect your Press badge.

-Press personnel travelling from abroad must apply for a ‘J’ Visa (Journalist Visa).

-A maximum of three representatives are permitted to be deputed from a single publication /channel.

-Press badges will be provided only once during the Festival. Please ensure you keep them safely as duplicates will NOT be issued.

-Press badges are non-transferable.

Name of Publication:






Mobile No:

Profile of the Journalist:

50-100 words
Supervisor/Editor Contact:

Website or Blog

Any Special requirements:

Thank You.

For further information and press inquiries, please contact:
Rai Rahman Indra
E-Mail: /
Phone: +62-821-1434-4757
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